VitalSleep: A Sound Sleep With No Snoring Guaranteed!

The long-sought mystery of snoring is not so much of a secret anymore. The science behind snoring is quite simple. When we fall asleep, our throat muscles slowly relax, causing the air passage to get narrow. This phenomenon restricts airflow when we breathe, causing vibrations, aka snoring.

Nearly everyone snores occasionally, but for some people, it can be a recurring problem. In some cases, it may also indicate a serious underlying health condition. Not to mention, snoring can be problematic for your partner as well.

So, how can we tackle this pestering problem? If you are seeking a fast, efficient, and proven way to eliminate your snoring problem, then look no further: VitalSleep is the ultimate solution!

In this comprehensive review of VitalSleep, we will take you through the basics of this innovative device and how it contributes to a healthier sleeping cycle. Plus, we’ll also scrutinize every possible aspect of the product.

Let’s get started.

VitalSleep at a Glance

The Snore Reliever Company, LLC, has been operating over the past nine years with a simple mission: Providing a customizable and affordable solution to snoring problems by developing quality products that improve the quality of life for habitual snorers and their loved ones.

Their revolutionary product, VitalSleep, is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that falls under the category of MAD: Mandibular advancement device. Since partial obstruction of airways causes a person to snore, VitalSleep works by gently lifting the jaw forward during sleep, which ensures uninterrupted air passage and no snoring.

How Does VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Work?

As you can see above, VitalSleep pushes the lower jaw forward using your teeth. Moving the jaw forward permits more air to flow through the back of your throat. These are the fundamentals of how the device prevents snoring.

VitaslSleep ensures a night of refreshing sleep. It opens your airways with a customized and tailored fit minus the expensive doctor visits. The large opening, as depicted above, ensures enough air passes through your throat uninterrupted.

It doesn’t matter which position you sleep in or if your mouth is open or shut. Either way, by expanding the airway and improving breathing as it does, VitalSleep has developed itself as a leader in the anti-snoring aid market.

What Makes VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Unique?

We will now go over the factors which contribute to the uniqueness of VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece. Let’s start with some of the unique features of VitalSleep.

Custom Molded Teeth Impressions – Boil and Bite

Like any other MAD, VitalSleep has two trays that house the teeth. There is one tray for the top set of teeth and another one for the bottom.

‘Boil and bite’ makes it possible to make sure that each tray is a perfect fit for the teeth it has to accommodate. We will get to know about ‘Initial Setup’ in the latter stages of this review.

Patented Accu-Adjust System

There are two types of boil and bite MAD: Fixed and adjustable. As you might have guessed by now, VitalSleep is indeed an adjustable MAD.

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is adjustable and comfortable. The patented Accu-Adjust System and hinge technology allows for personalized jaw advancement of up to 8mm. Micro-Adjustments are available with the help of the included hex key, which ensures a precise fit.

Even though it’s possible to get acceptable results from a fixed MAD, adjustable MADs naturally tend to be superior. However, numerous adjustable MADs can only move according to pre-set positions.

For VitalSleep, There is no need to use pre-set positions. It has an extra ace in the hole since it comes with a unique adjustment hex tool with which you can advance the lower tray by any degree you want.

FDA Approved

It is safe and effective along with clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the leading cause of snoring, which ensures healthier sleep and improved breathing.

Free of Harmful Chemicals

Did we mention that it is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and latex-free? That’s right; VitalSleep is made from medical grade raw materials that are perfectly safe for usage.

Superior to Others

Below is a side by side comparison of VitalSleep with the competition. As you can see, VitalSleep provides multiple benefits that the other products don’t, such as the best price, free replacements, same-day shipping, and money-back guarantee.

We can confidently count on VitalSleep as the best all-round performer in the anti-snoring devices market.

How to Use VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece?

The following visual presentation will introduce you to the steps associated with setting up VitalSleep for daily usage. We’d advise you to properly adhere to these steps to achieve maximum satisfaction with the product.

We have outlined, step by step, on how to properly use VitalSleep below:

  1. There should be an ‘up’ arrow on the backside. This is used to identify the top of the device.
  2. If necessary, use the (included) hex key to re-adjust both sides of the device to the neutral position.
  3. Fill two coffee mugs with an ample amount of cold water to submerge the mouthpiece.
  4. Pour water from one of the coffee mugs into a pot and heat till it boils.
  5. Position the empty mug and the mug filled with cold water in the sink.
  6. Pour the hot water from the boiling pot into the empty mug.
  7. Using a set of tongs, place the mouthpiece into the mug of hot water for approximately ten seconds.
  8. After ten seconds, remove the mouthpiece from the hot water mug. Confirm that the arrow is pointing up. Wait another ten seconds and then gently bite down and press the mouthpiece surfaces against your set of teeth.
  9. Remove the mouthpiece from your mouth after ten seconds and place it in the mug of cold water. It needs to cool off for thirty seconds.
  10. Finally, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and enjoy comfort. If it is not comfortable, repeat the process.

Is VitalSleep for Everyone?

VitalSleep is ideal for those who suffer from snoring. To be precise, the product is suitable for use if you:

  • Are a mouth snorer
  • Experience snoring which results from the vibration of tissues in the throat
  • Suffer from teeth grinding or bruxism
  • Suffer from mild sleep apnea
  • Snore due to being overweight
  • Have allergies which require the usage of BPA-free products

However, VitalSleep is not for everyone. Please refrain from using the anti-snoring device if you have:

  • Acute respiratory disorders, such as emphysema or asthma
  • TJD: Temporomandibular joint disorder
  • Loose teeth, clicking or any form of pain in the jaws
  • Central sleep apnea
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Braces or orthodontic treatments
  • Dental implants within the past twelve months

We suggest you consult with your doctor to determine an alternative to VitalSleep accordingly.

Here Are Some Precautionary Measures You Can Adopt

Like any other device, you must take the following precautions before using VitalSleep:

Consult a Doctor Before Use

Before purchasing an anti-snoring device, we strongly recommend you to consult with your family physician, doctor, or sleep specialist. However, we shoul keep in mind that every person has a unique mouth and jaw shape. Therefore, professional advice is required to ensure that you obtain the best fit.

Even though a prescription is not necessary for VitalSleep, please do not make a hasty OTC (Over the counter) purchase.

Adjusting to VitalSleep

Sleeping with a new anti-snoring solution in your mouth can take some time to get used to naturally. Drooling is likely to happen in the beginning, along with some soreness. No need to worry as this will disappear within days.

The producer recommends sleeping with the device in a neutral position for the first couple of days. Doing so, you’ll soon get in the habit of sleeping with an anti-snore device.

Long-term Safety

You can go on using the product for as long as you feel necessary. For many snorers, their snoring is an issue that persists throughout their lifetime.

VitalSleep can be the perfect companion to help deal with snoring over an extended period. VitalSleep is a proven and safe snoring solution that has helped numerous people to get their snoring problem under control.

Not a CPAP Machine Replacement

The producer does not promote VitalSleep as a replacement for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or other categories of sleep apnea machines.

Although some sleep specialists and doctors suggest mandibular advancement devices (MADs) for patients with sleep apnea. In case you are presently using a CPAP machine and feel VitalSleep may be a better substitute, we recommend that you discuss this issue with your doctor.

If your doctor or sleep specialist gives you the green light, please proceed to the switching.

Tips of Purchasing VitalSleep

As a highly recommended solution to snoring by doctors, it is no secret that VitalSleep ticks all the right boxes. Before considering a purchase, it is vital to weigh the options in front of you. We shall now go over the specifics of buying this device.

Size Considerations

VitalSleep comes in two distinct sizes: The regular or men’s size measures 60” x 55” x 27” while the smaller/women’s size measures 56” x 46” x 25” in width, length, and height. In case you order the incorrect size do need a size exchange, the producer will be happy to replace it.


The pricing is quite reasonable as well, starting at $69.95 for one device and $108.95 for two devices. Moreover, there is an option of adding a mouthpiece along with four gifts for $49.

This offer is significantly lower than the base prices of competitors like SnoreRx and Zyppah, which cost $99.

Return Policy and Warranty

If you feel that the results of VitalSleep are not satisfactory, then you are eligible for a refund within 60 nights. Plus, there is a one year warranty that comes with free replacement of parts!

It is vital to note that such a flexible policy is absent from the competition.


As a recap of this review, let us once again take a quick look at the pros and cons of using VitalSleep:

VitalSleep Summary
VitaslSleep ensures a night of refreshing sleep.  It is an FDA approved anti-snoring device that comes from medical-grade raw materials. Being affordable and American made, it is hypoallergenic and free of BPA or latex.
Material Quality
Perfect Fit for Everyone
FDA Approved
Long-term Safety
Exclusive Warranty and Trial Period
Unusable With Braces
Jaw Soreness Can Occur
Sound Sleep With No Snoring Guaranteed!

The prerequisite of a healthy and productive life is getting enough sleep. Snoring disrupts the sleep cycle for both you and your partner, which is very destabilizing for your relationship. Other issues, such as weight gain and lack of energy, may also arise.

Therefore, eradicate this problem of snoring today by using the best solution available: VitalSleep!

Overall, VitalSleep is a customized anti-snoring mouthpiece, which is one of the leading products in the anti-snoring solutions market. VitalSleep allows you to have an uninterrupted sleeping experience, which is highly recommended by doctors and satisfied customers.

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